When Its Not Going Your Way


Those that have decided weight loss is their goal suffer through a period where they feel like their efforts are not producing results. Okay, we all go through this in one form or another, but I’m using weight-loss as an example because it one most people can relate to.

Let’s take the long view, and please feel free to adjust this to your goals and experience.

You have spent a specific amount of time (usually years), creating a certain type of result. Your habits, thoughts, and actions have created a result you may have not intentionally intended but were inevitable.

You made a decision that is not what you want anymore. You create a plan. You build a support system. You write out your goals. You visualize your success. You take action.

Nothing seems to move the needle. Or it moves, but very slowly, sometimes hardly enough to even tell that it is moving.

Make a decision now.

Do you stop, reassess or do you double down and push even harder?

Movies, through quick cuts and inspiring music, makes it seem as if when you make a decision everything changes quickly. That is it the making of the decision that unleashes a flood of change.

It doesn’t.

Remember, you got into the situation you are in over a length of time, it will take time to get you out of it. This is part of the process. You dealing with the frustration, with the angst of it all, is part of the journey. Plan for it accordingly.

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