Is It Time to Reinvent Yourself?

You can’t get something different doing the same thing you’ve always done. That is easy to understand.
To get something different than what you are getting, you need to do different things.
That is easy to understand.

It is the doing different stuff that is seemingly difficult.

Every few years I get the itch to be different. To shake things up. My routine suddenly seems like a rut. Everything is stale. There are no surprises.

So I reinvent myself. Sometimes it is something as simple as a radical new haircut or hair color change. Anything that makes me look in the mirror and think, “Now that woman is exciting/rich/fun/brave/wild.”

Sometimes it is moving. A new house, a new neighborhood, new stores to explore, new parks, new neighbors. The important thing is it shakes me up and makes me be different and do different things.

Occasionally, I’ll push myself to do something that would usually scare me. For my 36th birthday, I went by myself to the local skydiving company and did a tandem dive.


Almost a decade ago I went to New Mexico for a 10-day shooting event (when I didn’t even shoot!).

nra 227

I’ve done ziplining (I’m scared of heights). I’ve traveled abroad (I dislike travel).

If it has been awhile since you’ve looked at your life and shook it up, I suggest you do so. I have the picture of my tandem skydive, and when I feel scared, I think, “That woman jumped out of a plane for no particular reason. She wouldn’t be afraid!”

To reinvent yourself you don’t need to discard everything in your life; you need to change something-something that will help you look at yourself and your circumstances in a new way.

Sometimes, that is the best motivation to succeed.

Mindset, ready, go!

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