Living in Opposition With Yourself

We humans are strange creatures.

We know what we want. We’ll tell people what we want. WE’ll make lists and goals, and vision boards and tell stories about what we want.

And then we do the opposite.

“I want to be healthy!” we declare, and turn around and eat cheesecake and sneak in a cigarette.

Oh, we’ll have reasons why we did what we did. “I was stressed. I needed a break. It was one cigarette. It isn’t a big deal.”

But deep down we know, we just sabotaged ourselves. We struggle over what we want NOW and what we want in the future.

The future is so dim and murky. So far ahead of us. We are dealing with the immediacy of the future. That is bigger and more real to us than some date on a calendar.

How do you overcome this? I won’t claim to have all the answers. Heck, my answers might not be YOUR answers, but they’ve worked for me.

Some Methods for Success Against Self-Sabotage

Make the future more real than the present. If you can see, hear, feel, what your future is, it will be more real to you than the present. Mediation, journaling, staring at a vision board, believing are all handy tools for making your future desires a success in your mind.

Don’t dwell on the current issues or thoughts. We tend to make an event bigger than it is. Perhaps it is our need for drama (damn reality tv!) or something else.

For example, I received a letter from the IRS stating I didn’t pay my business taxes. Fear consumed me! Oh, what a huge problem. Except, I stopped, and I thought of the people in Puerto Rico (this was just after the hurricane) and realized, THOSE people had problems. No fresh water and limited food. This letter was an inconvenience that I would easily sort out.

Get real about what it is. So, you’re hungry because you miss your sugar fix. Your anxious because you want that cigarette. You are fearful because you’ve never done (insert activity) before. Move on. Your desire for your goal MUST be more significant than your current issues for you to stop.


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