Pick A Destination And Go!

Want to know a secret? It doesn’t truly matter what goal is set. The important part is that movement is made. Course corrections can only happen after some traveling has been done.

Too often people are scared to create a goal. What if they get it wrong? What if after it is set, the desire to achieve it wanes? What is (gasp) it is the wrong choice?

Good news – it doesn’t really matter if any of the above is true. Why? Goal achievement is never a straight line. There is ALWAYS course corrections.  But a course cannot be corrected if there is no movement. Standing still is, well, standing still. Nothing gets done, no muscles exercised, no discoveries, good or bad, are made.

And just like with muscles, no movement means getting flaccid, making it even more difficult the next time.

I urge you to pick a goal, no matter how small. Thirty-day squat challenge?  Saving a dollar a week for a trip? Getting up five minutes earlier than normal?

Doesn’t matter! The mere effort of setting and working toward a goal no matter how minor will help build a muscle. So when the ‘real’ goal reveals itself, you’ll be strong enough to accomplish it.

Mindset ready? Go!

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