6 Ways To Fail Before You Start

There are more ways to fail than the six that I’ve written here, but these six are probably the most common ways we let our monkey mind take the reins and stops us from moving forward. How many have you indulged in?

Catastrophizing: Making any obstacle or situation worse than it is to justify stopping. “I ate a cookie. I screwed up my diet. I’m a terrible person. This is why I can’t lose weight and why no man will ever love me! I might as well add a scoop of ice cream and eat the rest of the cookies!”

Mind-Reading and Future Projecting: When a person assumes they know what other people think. “I know my boss hates me. He’ll never give me a promotion no matter what I do.”

Over-Generalizing: When a person takes one incident and assumes that all future incidents will be identical. “My ex-husband was a horrible man. All men are horrible and liars. You can’t trust any of them. Why try?”

Black and White Thinking: This is similar to over-generalization but with two sides. Everything is either/or with no shades of gray. “All rich people are jerks and all poor people are victims of rich people.”

Mean Self-Talk: The voice in a person’s head that only says bad things about the person. “I’m stupid, no one loves me, no one will ever love me.”

Predicting the Future: A person who already knows what will happen if they do one action. They predict all the way out from the moment the action is done to years in the future. “Oh, if I take the class then I’ll be told it isn’t enough, and I need to take another one and then I’ll be told it doesn’t matter anyway because someone else will get the job.”

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