A Problem For Every Solution

I recently had lunch with a friend who invited a few other people to join us. Unfortunately, one of the people she asked was a man who had a problem for every solution.

Do you know the type? They complain about something, usually end it with, “I don’t know what to do” or something else that leads a person to believe they are looking for a solution.

Someone offers a suggestion. That is shot down. Another person suggests something else. That is shot down. Then a whole list of other problems or other reasons nothing will work comes tumbling out of their mouth.

These are the Problems for Every Solution people. Whether they enjoy the attention having an ‘unsolvable’ problem will bring them, or they are so caught up in the drama they don’t realize they are shooting down perfectly good offers, they can be a massive drain of energy.

Run, don’t walk away from them! They are perhaps very lovely people with a lot to offer, but this character trait not only doesn’t serve them, but it also won’t serve you. Anyone that attempts to help you with a problem in their presence will find them offering reasons why it won’t work and somehow drawing all the attention back to them and their issues.

If you are one of these people, ask yourself, “Am I looking for a way out of the problem or do I just want people to know that I’m struggling?”

If the answer is attention, go find another group to spend time with. Let those who are honestly trying to find solutions, find them.

Mindset ready? Go!



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